The University of Victoria (UVic) – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

UVic and the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business:

UVic is a great school to study at. There are small class sizes, engaging professors, and lots of amenities on campus, including residence, restaurants/cafes, public transportation, sports facilities, and WiFi, among others. The campus itself isn’t too large so it’s really easy to get around and make it to classes on time. Studying business at UVic you will be a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) student in the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business. The program is fairly small with approximately 240 students in each year. This makes it easy to meet people and make friends quickly. You will most likely take 4-5 courses per semester, and there is a wide range of classes to choose from. Helpful hint: search UVic at to look up the professors teaching the classes you’re interested in (could encourage you to take the class or might make you think twice depending on the prof’s rating!). Lectures are usually an hour and a half two times a week, but some are 3 hours once a week. So far my experience with the program has been a positive one. It’s a more hands-on, teamwork-based approach to learning that incorporates theory with real life scenarios. Also, the administration is well organized and always willing to answer questions via email or in-person. For exchange students, there is a buddy program where you’ll be paired up with a UVic BCom student. This student will answer any questions you have and attend buddy events with you. UVic’s business program is a very international one so it truly is a great place for exchange students to study.

UVic’s website:

UVic’s business program’s website:

Uni of Victoria Campus

Uni of Victoria Campus

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Wünderschön Münster !

Münster is the most liveable city in the world. Okay, it got the title in 2004 but for me still it is. Münster has 296.599 inhabitants but the best part of it is, that it has around 50.000 students that live there. It’s clearly a student city and that’s why there are always some events. For example every summer we have the “MS-Hafenfest” where a lot of bands play in the near of our small haven. Moreover, for the more hardmusic fans there is the Vainstream Rockfest, with bands like the Dropkick Murphys. And there are a lot of different other parties and events!

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Hello, guys!

My name is Anastasiya, and I’m an Erasmus student in Wiesbaden, Germany. Let me tell you more about the city in which I live now. Wiesbaden…hmmmm. Most of the people don’t even know that the place like this exists on Earth. I didn’t either. When I was accepted to the Wiesbaden Business School at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, I expected to see a small and boring city with nothing to do in it. But I was wrong! Firstly I should say that Wiesbaden is a capital of whole german region Hessen, it is probably the most richest one also. What’s more, Wiesbaden is situated next to Frankfurt, big and industrial city, and Mainz, which is considered to be a student town.

This is Wiesbaden Business School on the tight streets of the city center

This is Wiesbaden Business School on the tight streets of the city center

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Here I am – 4 months of my stay have already passed by and can already say – this have been the most amazing time in my life and surely months left will be even better! But.. lets get back to the beginning.

Victoria is a small provincial capital of British Columbia – most western province of Canada – just between the State of Washington, Yukon and Alaska. It is located on the Vancouver Island, one hour away from Vancouver – the biggest town in that province. Not without a reason it is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in the world! But also people are amazingly open and friendly, it is super safe and there is that Christmas atmosphere all year round thanks to little lights on every tree and parliament building.

University of Victoria, just after University of Vancouver, is considered one of the best in western Canada. It has all major faculties including law, business, art, music and medical schools. The whole campus is located 30 min away from downtown and consists of tens of buildings. To get 30 ECTS points – I had to take 5 courses, totaling around 15 hours a week. It may seem not too much, but in fact, with the way classes are held here – it is enough to keep you busy all the time. There are lots of assignments, presentations and tests, so unlike in Poland, a student has to be constantly prepared. I like subjects I took – all are very well organized, informative and useful. Apart from that – campus offers loads of places to rest, eat, hang out, study and meet with others. You are also able to apply for a job on campus without having a study permit. This helps a lot, since Canada is very expensive.

Coming down to expenses – prices are same as in Poland, but in dollars, plus plane tickets are even more expensive. So it’s good to plan reasonably your spendings here, spot deals in supermarkets and collecting member cards everywhere.

Victoria is a perfect location for traveling! There is Tofino 4 hours away – world’s best surfing spot. Vancouver – 2 hours by ferry, Seattle 3 hours by ferry, Whistler – world’s famous ski resort – 6 hours all by car. And Hawaii – I thought it’d be closer – 10 hours by plane – but still amazingly close and cheap to go for a 10 days break in November. Apart from that, if you plan to stay longer in America to travel – it is a perfect spot to begin a “Western Dream” and travel down South to San Francisco, Grand Cannon, Las Vegas and so on.

Semesters finish in mid-December and mid-April, so it gives few weeks of break before exam-time comes down in Poland – best few weeks to travel around. Before I came here, I thought I “saw” everything in the movies, but nothing more wrong. Last month we went to Banff – Canadian Rocky mountains. Till today my heart’s beating faster for the memory of that! I have never felt the nature so close and never found it that breath taking and amazingly beautiful before! Those huge mountains, blue lakes, wild nature everywhere, massive space of an untouched pure world is seriously worth every money. I think I’ve discovered the most beautiful places in the world and ever since, I’ve been doing nothing, but planning my future life here.

Exchange in general – very well prepared, lots of integration activities, trips and parties. Everyone is super easy-going and open to new people. Either students’ associations or other exchange students – there is always someone to keep you busy.

This is far more than I have ever expected from a regular exchange and I recommend it to anyone who loves traveling, nature and unforgettable moments in that lovely country.

Wiktoria Syska

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Saint-Petersburg – where bears live

Have you ever met people walking without cap at -25C? Have you ever walked around the city at 2 am when sun rised up? Have you ever study in three universities at the same time? I invite you to Saint-Petersburg State Economic University! I promise that you’ll fall in love with the university and the city.

The university is founded in Saint-Petersburg. This city is the center of the north-west part of Russian Federation. There are concentrated economic, administrative, educational and cultural resources of the region.


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Hola Granada! Erasmus w Hiszpanii

I really recommend Granada for the Erasmus experience. It’s a great city: dynamic, there are so many students and a wonderful landscape. Seaside is close and it’s also under the Sierra Nevada. You can find the real Spanish (and Arabic) culture for the food and the traditional flamenco. Alhambra is one of the most beautiful ancient buildings in the world.

There are a lot of organizations for foreign students and they organize trips, parties and all kinds of events every week! It’s fantastic; you are going to love it! There are 80.000 students in the city and around 2000 of them are Erasmus.

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Friendship in the shadow of Giewont


After a crazy and full of attractions Orientation Week organized by ESN CUE, we invited our new foreign students for a weekend in the mountains. Kościelsko – here we come! On Friday, February 21st , two buses filled to the brim with a merry bunch of Erasmus and ESN members departed from the campus of the University of Economics towards Polish region of mountains, specifically the Tatra Mountains. Our purpose? Integration!

 According to our tradition, the program started with the games, during which Erasmus students had an opportunity to get to know each other and create the foundations for even further friendship … friendship for life. After dinner it was time for the first themed event – Pyjama Party! Of course, for the most creative students there was an amazing prize. This time the most original duo proved to be Alex Dejert from Sweden and Thomas Sievi from Switzerland.

 After a very short night, Jackie and Peter, the coordinators of the IC, had offered us a game called Hare and Hounds. Divided into five teams we had spent half of the day wandering up and down the charming Kościelisko in order to perform all the required tasks and find our final goal as soon as possible. After dinner we met again at the event called International Night. During it each nationality had a chance to present their characteristic dances, songs, games … This year, top honors French! Then, the participants of the camp had to quickly find some warm scarves and gloves because it was time for … a sleigh ride! In the glow of the torches and the accompaniment of bells once again we crossed the charming Kościelisko. At the end all of us could get warmed by sitting around the fire. On Saturday night we had another event – this time ESN party colors!

 And  on Sunday … tired but filled with joy we returned to Krakow. We all felt a bit sad that this amazing trip came to an end, however we all knew … that this is just the beginning!

Karol PeszkoTranslation: Kinga Rynkiewicz

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Przyjaźń w cieniu Giewontu


Po szalonym i pełnym atrakcji Orientation Week by ESN UEK, zaprosiliśmy naszych nowych studentów zagranicznych na weekend w górach. Kościelsko – nadchodzimy! W piątek, 21 lutego, dwa autokary wypełnione po brzegi wesołą gromadą Erasmusów oraz członków ESN wyruszyły z kampusu Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w stronę polskich gór, Tatr. Cel? Integracja!!!

Tradycyjnie, program otworzyły gry i zabawy  w trakcie których Erasmusi mogli poznać siebie nawzajem a także stworzyć podwaliny do dalszych przyjaźni… przyjaźni na całe życie.  Po kolacji nastąpił czas na pierwszą imprezę tematyczną – Pyjamas Party! Oczywiście, dla najbardziej kreatywnych przewidziano nagrodę. Tym razem, najoryginalniejszy okazał się duet Alex Dejert ze Szwecji oraz Thomas Sievi ze Szwajcarii.

Po bardzo krótkiej nocy, Jadzia i Piotr, koordynatorzy wyjazdu, zaproponowali nam grę w podchody. Podzieleni na 5 drużyn spędziliśmy pół dnia przemierzając wzdłuż i wszerz urocze Kościelisko celem jak najszybszego wykonania wszystkich zadań. Po obiedzie spotkaliśmy się ponownie na International Night. Ten punkt programu zakładał, aby każda z narodowości zaprezentowała charakterystyczne dla niej tańce, piosenki, zabawy… W tym roku najlepsi okazali się francuzi! Następnie, uczestnicy wycieczki szybko założyli ciepłe szaliki i rękawiczki bowiem nadszedł czas na… kulig! W blasku pochodni i przy akompaniamencie dzwoneczków po raz kolejny przemierzyliśmy urocze Kościelisko. Na koniec ogrzaliśmy się przy gorącym płomieniu ogniska. Sobotnia noc to kolejna impreza – ESN colors party!

A w niedzielę… zmęczeni ale przepełnieni radością wróciliśmy do Krakowa. Ściskając się na pożegnanie, wszyscy wiedzieliśmy… że to dopiero początek!

Karol Peszko

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Kraków Oriented! :)

Video by: Monika Myśliwiec

Hey Erasmus Students!

We hope you don’t feel like the stragers in Kraków anymore! Now it’s also your city! So have fun and be ready for the biggest adventure of your life!

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