Wünderschön Münster !

Münster is the most liveable city in the world. Okay, it got the title in 2004 but for me still it is. Münster has 296.599 inhabitants but the best part of it is, that it has around 50.000 students that live there. It’s clearly a student city and that’s why there are always some events. For example every summer we have the “MS-Hafenfest” where a lot of bands play in the near of our small haven. Moreover, for the more hardmusic fans there is the Vainstream Rockfest, with bands like the Dropkick Murphys. And there are a lot of different other parties and events!

Especially in summer Münster is the best, you can sit at the canal, drink beer, have a barbecue and swim at places where you aren’t allowed to swim. Aditionally, we have the “Aasee” which is a famous lake for all students who wants to waste their time with friends. There you can spend the day and even the night, if you are tough enough. Or you start to drink first at the lake and then go in one of the clubs in Münster. Party! Party! Party! Münster offers you a lot of different clubs, from big discos to small cool alternative clubs that look like your grandmas living room. The music style has a great varity from electro, techno to indie and rock as well as hip hop and Reagga, you’ll find everything your ears need to hear. The normal price of entrance lays by around 3 Euro and a beer costs around 2,50 Euro.

After the Second World War Münster was rebuild, that’s why it has the old great buildings and a lot of cobbled streets. Münster is not that big, but that’s even the best thing, because you can be sure to meet your friends when you go out. Moreover, we celebrate the carnival and on the first of May everyone does a small hike with his friends and a lot of beer.

If you rent a room you’ll have to pay around 300 Euro. The price is so expensive because more and more people want to live in this nice small but great city. We have two universities. The “Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster” and the “Fachhochschule Münster”. Mostly the professors are very nice and you can ask them anything.


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