Saint-Petersburg – where bears live

Have you ever met people walking without cap at -25C? Have you ever walked around the city at 2 am when sun rised up? Have you ever study in three universities at the same time? I invite you to Saint-Petersburg State Economic University! I promise that you’ll fall in love with the university and the city.

The university is founded in Saint-Petersburg. This city is the center of the north-west part of Russian Federation. There are concentrated economic, administrative, educational and cultural resources of the region.


Last year 3 leading universities of the city merged in the largest economic university of the country. Now it has wide spectrum of educational programs: economics, maths, linguistics, statistics, management, informatics and law.


Main education activities are mostly located in the historical centre of SPb: lecture rooms, libraries, computer rooms, swimming pool and etc. It’s interesting to know that there was established the first national bank in main university building.


Normally faculties have own lecture rooms or buildings where educate the students. So international students have lecture hours in separately located buildings. Actually studying process is adapted for foreign students and you’ll have all you need in one place: lecture rooms, library, dormitory and canteen. Also the university organizes Russian languages classes which are free.

Normally students start their educational day at the university and finish at the Dumskaya str. This street is the heart of night life. Inspite of very simple design most of the bars are always full of people. Among the visitors are students, white-collar workers, celebrities. Dacha and Belgrad are opened more 5 years and already have own histories.

At the day you could occupy yourself with different cultural and sport events. The well-known museum Hermitage provides the foreigners with English-speaking guides who show you the treasure of Russian and world culture. The Mariinsky theatre is the second place in the country where you can delight in ballet. Modern culture is presented with Erarta and Etazhi.

From December till April winter season lasts and the fancies of skiing and snowboarding to ski resorts Igora and Korobitcyno. In summer you’ll be a spectator of unforgettable white nights and drawbridges.

I hope that you choose my university for your exchange program and spend time with use.

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Svetlana Savosh

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