The University of Victoria (UVic) – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

UVic and the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business:

UVic is a great school to study at. There are small class sizes, engaging professors, and lots of amenities on campus, including residence, restaurants/cafes, public transportation, sports facilities, and WiFi, among others. The campus itself isn’t too large so it’s really easy to get around and make it to classes on time. Studying business at UVic you will be a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) student in the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business. The program is fairly small with approximately 240 students in each year. This makes it easy to meet people and make friends quickly. You will most likely take 4-5 courses per semester, and there is a wide range of classes to choose from. Helpful hint: search UVic at to look up the professors teaching the classes you’re interested in (could encourage you to take the class or might make you think twice depending on the prof’s rating!). Lectures are usually an hour and a half two times a week, but some are 3 hours once a week. So far my experience with the program has been a positive one. It’s a more hands-on, teamwork-based approach to learning that incorporates theory with real life scenarios. Also, the administration is well organized and always willing to answer questions via email or in-person. For exchange students, there is a buddy program where you’ll be paired up with a UVic BCom student. This student will answer any questions you have and attend buddy events with you. UVic’s business program is a very international one so it truly is a great place for exchange students to study.

UVic’s website:

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Uni of Victoria Campus

Uni of Victoria Campus

Victoria and Vancouver:

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and is located on Vancouver Island (a 1 ½ hour ferry ride from Vancouver). It has a very mild climate and is right on the ocean, boasting tons of outdoor recreational activities and gorgeous scenery. Although it is considered a large city, Victoria has a small town feel that is quite accommodating for students. There are tons of restaurants, cute cafes, and a multitude of pubs and clubs to choose from. The cost of living tends to be more expensive than in Krakow. Housing can be anywhere from $500-$1000/month (about 1470PLN-2900PLN), and groceries could be between $50-$100/week (about 150PLN-300PLN), not including alcohol which is way more expensive than in Poland ($20-$35 [60PLN-105PLN] for a bottle of vodka). This is cheaper than in Vancouver however, and is also relative. That is the nice thing about studying in Victoria, there’s a real community feel but you’re not too far away from the big city (Vancouver) which is an easy weekend trip away (you can also do a day trip however that’s more feasible with a car). I moved to Victoria last September, and to be honest, I thought I wouldn’t like it coming from Vancouver…boy was I wrong! It’s such a great city. I love the restaurants, the friendly people, and the beautiful surroundings. In reality I can see myself living here much longer than my schooling will take. I truly you hope you take UVic into consideration when choosing your exchange school!

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