Life and death struggle…

3rd day of OW

One half of the Orientation Week passed, but there are so many things which still are waiting for us. Nevertheless, Wednesday was amazing part of this week, even if the weather did not cooperate with us.

First point of our day was City Game, but it was so cold that our plans had to be changed. Not losing our great moods, we went to French restaurant – Charlotte in Plac Szczepański, to eat some tasty breakfast. We could choose many different kinds of cakes, sandwiches and coffees. When we were waiting for our orders, it was a great occasion to get knows each other a bit better. After eating our breakfast and drinking coffee, we started to prepare for the most international fight in Kraków…

We were very excited, because most of us have never taken in something like this before. The main point of our day was the fight in Laser Area. For a few minutes, everybody became a warrior. We were dived for two teams – RED and GREEN one. Our plan was really simple – no matter how we just have to overpower our enemies. After preparing this amazing strategy we started our mission… The fight was extremely hard but we tried to do it the best we could.


In the same time, the second part of us had an occasion to feel like James Bond during one of his missions. We had to overcome a maze of laser traps during another task. After all these crazy stuff, everybody had huge smiles on their faces and we could start our preparation for the evening.

Orientation week day 3 134

Orientation week day 3 020

The first part of the party had place in ZaUek, our bar in our university. Our coordinators prepared many different games for example karaoke. Everybody could become a star and chose his favourite songs.  Some of us discovered our secret talents, but we had a great have singing together. We were dancing and singing almost everything from Gangnam Style, through Ona tańczy dla mnie, to You’re the One That I Want like John Travolta and Olivia Newton.

Orientation week day 3 164

Orientation week day 3 017

Orientation week day 3 234

Moreover, it was special party, because the leitmotif was 70s and 80s and we went to have fun in these rhythms in Disco Pub. It was a great chance to travel to time and feel the spirit of disco music. When everybody was dancing like Abba or Boney M, our amazing evening was close to finish. However, we are still waiting for new adventures which we can enjoy during this time.  

Orientation week day 3 030


 Ala Domańska 😀


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