We have so much fun together!

2nd day of OW

Uf! Ah! Uhh! We are after the second day and even though we are tired we still want to integrate and have fun! After breaking the ice last night during Beach Party we definitely have the need for more!

Today we started off our day with little sightseeing on old Jewish District- Kazimierz. This place is full of history which is an important heritage  for our country and since we also take care of the cultural aspects of our Erasmus’ stay in Kraków we could not miss it 😀 We met on a small market square with to go together to Kazimierz. And since last night we did not get a very good chance to learn each other names we stood in a circle and one ESN member tried to remember all of the names. It was hard, especially the French ones, we she did a pretty good job. We met with our OW coordinator Areta and we started the trip.

Orientation week day 2 014

We walked through old streets as Areta was telling us something about each of the buildings. It also started to snow so the atmosphere was very nice. The climax of our trip was trying the most amazing ‘zapiekanki’ in a whole Kraków! Even though it was a little bit cold and snowy we ate them with much enjoyment. Of course ESNers did the best job they could and showed the Erasmus students the best place.

Orientation week day 2 047

When we were all full and happy we really needed something to drink and the solution came right in- PIK club was where we chilled, drank some beers and played pool. Some of us even tried their best in playstation kinect in tennis, baseball and some other games. It was a really fun to watch people do different positions to hit the imaginary ball or stand with imaginary baseball bat! 😀

Orientation week day 2 100

After a few hours of fun and playing we had had enough and went home to change and prepare for  ESN colour Effect party at B4! As we knew each other a little bit better now we felt more comfortable with one another J and this is when it all became a really good fun! 😀 Some people dressed up in ESN-like colours, some didn’t, the music was good and dancy (yes, I made this word up 😛 ) but overall it was a great party.

Orientation week day 2 104

Now we can’t wait for more days to come because ESN have prepared some awesome events and parties for our Erasmus students in the next two days! 😀 And of course during the Integration Camp which we impatiently await.

JJ <3

NikeM2k Tekno

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JJ <3

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