And you will never want to leave

When you hear the Czech Republic, probably the first thing which comes into your mind is Prague, I know. But what about BRNO?


Living in Brno

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and the best city in the world. Every foreign student I asked loves Brno. And there’s no wonder. You can find here everything you need. There are many cultural events such as film and music festivals, concerts, sport events, festivals of food, beer, wine, local culture; cinemas, shopping centres, gyms and sport centres, cafés and restaurants, pubs and discos but what is the most important: there are plenty of nice and friendly people who are always willing to help you with everything you need. (Of course you can also meet mean and rude people but that happens at every place in the world).


Brno and its universities

Brno has four public and several private universities. The public ones are Masaryk University, Mendel University, Brno University of Technology and University of Defence. Masaryk University is the biggest one in Brno and second biggest in the Czech Republic. MU consists of nine faculties where you can study law, economics, medicine, science, informatics, arts, sports, education or social studies. Mendel University consists of five faculties and is mainly oriented at agriculture and wood industry; however it has also the faculty of Business and Economics. And the last but not least university which I’m going to talk about is our Alma mater, Brno University of Technology (BUT) which consists of eight faculties. Initially the university aimed at educating civil-engineering specialists but step by step became one of the most important universities in the Czech Republic. Nowadays it offers studies of architecture, chemistry, electrical engineering, IT, business and management, civil or mechanical engineering and fine arts.

ESN in Brno = International Students Club

BUT is a member of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) under the name of ISC VUT Brno (International Students Club VUT Brno). In many cases the ISC VUT Brno cooperates with the ISCs of both Masaryk and Mendel but primarily takes care of the foreign students coming to BUT. And obviously the ISC VUT Brno is doing a good job since it has been chosen as the best ESN section across the whole Europe for April 2013.

As I have already mentioned, the main purpose of the ISC VUT Brno is helping the foreign students to make Brno feel like home. The exchange students can choose from a really huge range of activities. Talking about the Welcome week, interesting trips (not only within the Czech Republic), regular Presentations of the Nations which take place every week, Czech4fun language courses, cultural events, sport activities or other voluntary activities (cooking for the homeless for example)… And yes, of course – every single week there is a party. Tram party/boat party/whatever party which are also provided by Brno United (all ISCs of Brno together). ISC VUT Brno just makes the life better.

Zuzana Konečná,


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Pezet said : 9 years ago

Oh indeed, Brno is really nice city with a lot of students. Also ISC VUT Brno which is local section of ESN is really powerfull, well organized and super active :)

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