Experience it again…Orientation Week 2013!



Uff… Orientation Week (OW) is  over and now it’s time to relax and look back at what we did and what happened during this past week.

The week started with General Meeting where all the important info were given, but most importantly it was the first official time when we, ESN member met with you- Erasmus students and had the pleasure to invite you to all events that we have prepared for you. Later that day we could talk a little and get to know each other at Tandem language meeting and get crazy during karaoke. What a pleasant surprise that not only girls were keen on performing but also guys! The Bohemian Rhapsody by Queens, Robbie Williams Angels and All summer long by Kid rock were almost ;p as good as the originals! We finished the night off by Traffic Lights party in Base club where we danced and had fun until very early morning hours! 🙂


For the next day our OW coordinators had prepared City games so that our Erasmus students would get to know our beautiful city of Kraków. Then they could get the anger on the loose on the laser tag. And for those who wanted to do something a little bit more creative the girls prepared Chocolate workshops- it had to be delicious! And the third option was the Scary house for those who have strong nerves or just simply wanted to impress girls how tough guys can be ;> Afterwards we had Black or White party in Diva club. As always the party was so good that it finished off at very morning hours! Again! We just couldn’t get enough of each other! 🙂


 On Wednesday after the city games for the other group we all went for the Vistula Cruise. The Capitan of the boat told us some stories and we admired the panorama of Kraków. The next point of the plan was TramParty which is known as the craziest party of all. And the legend became true because it was crazy! SO many fun people in on tram- it had to be awesome! Than we moved to B4 club to continue great party mood! And yet again we had a lot of fun at the PokerFace party. The poker cards that were given at the beginning forced us to go around people and ask them if they have the card that together with mine would make a poker sequence. It was another way to get to know each other and integrate 🙂


 Thursday started off with city games for last groups and sightseeing of Kraków’s Jewish District. It is one of the most beautiful districts in Kraków and it was worth walking in the cold J And since the next day we were going on the Integration Camp we didn’t want to be late so we had a beautiful and tasty Eurodinner where every representative of country brought or/and made some national dishes. Luckily every country representatives brought something really tasty so we had a big awesome dinner. It was the perfect ending of such a tiring week as Orientation Week and a really good start for Integration Camp!


Overall the whole week was amazing, we got to know each other and had fun. We hope that know you don’t feel  alienated anymore and you can say that in Kraków you feel like at home 🙂


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