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<3 Krakow <3 city of unforgettable moments and indescribable feelings…Meeting a lot of people in this amazing city can’t make any person indifferent. My story has begun one year ago…
September, it’s warm, meeting people from different cultures, discovering beauties of the city and university, enjoying lectures (unbelievable but true , a lot of great trips…remembering this my heart is smiling

Time passed quickly, December knocked on the doors bringing snow and giving special charm to Krakow…crazy nights and parties (which I will not talk about because what happened in Krakow, stays in Krakow and…it’s already January, a special part of the year! Studying for exams, having flu, and still happy, I’m wonderying why…probably because of the pills I’ve been taking during few weeks

I couldn’t resist to this city, so I decided to continue my pretty good life in Krakow also during the summer semester.
I went through the four seasons in Krakow, and I can tell without any doubt, each of them has it’s own attractiveness.

It’s unbelievable how many things you can learn, and experiance you can live in 8 months. I don’t know if it is because of special city we were living, beautiful places we were visiting, magic spirit we were enjoying together or it’s just about people we were with. I think the last one deserves the biggest part in this happiness, and it doesn’t matter how long you know this people, the stamp they left on you will never fade.

…As the all good things come to an end, it’s the same with mine… After all, you realize these are unforgetable moments and indescribable feelings, which are recognized just from the people who have experienced the same. Sad, but happy in the same time because we all know we will come back to Krakow again
p.s. I’m glad that ESN made this opportunity for us, I had to write something about the time spent in Krakow, because I think it’s unrepeatable story in our lives !! :))))) Evgenyja, Anna, Janek, Alex, Damir, Filip, Thibaud, Slavka, Weronika & Milena kissy kissy !!!

Jelena, Croatia

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