Orientation Week – Day 4!


Before we went to Kościelisko to have soma amazing fun at the Integration Camp, we had some great time on Thursday – the last day of Orientation Week held in Krakow. Everything was fully prepared for our waiting, still not tired after the first half of the week, guests. This day included a mix of everything – it was historical, fun, tasty and it even had a bit of madness.

 Krakow is a city of many cultures, and learning about them is one of the most interesting attractions we have to offer. So the day started with the tours of Kazimierz – Jewish district climate, which in addition to the glorious history had offered us delicious casseroles, very popular amongst our citizens for a very long time.

 However sightseeing is not all we did, for adventurers who prefer more active and modern way of spending the day we had offered the Laser Park. Especially prepared arena introduced the participants to the mysterious, dark atmosphere which built the tension and enriched the fun amongst the participants.

 Afternoon attractions increased our appetite, so during the evening we had enjoyed EURODINNER. The dishes were prepared from various parts of Europe, and some are quite hard to find on the Polish table. The variety of flavours awakened the appetite in many and delicious food gave us some extra energy for Karaoke!

 Of course the day couldn’t end without a brilliant party. Night under the banner of 'Sex on Wax’ which took place in the club Shadow was waiting for volunteers who wanted to end the day with a touch of elegance and also have a total blast before leaving for the IC.

Julia Klein
Translation: Kinga Rynkiewicz

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