Erasmus Gala!


Cracow, the 7th of December 2013. On a first glance it would seem like any other day, the only difference being the falling snow. However, nothing could be more misleading! This is a very special evening, when the members of ESN UEK and International Programmes Office, Alumni, the honorary members, Erasmus students and fellow members from organizations such as AIESEC or ESN UJ, had a chance to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of ESN UEK section as well as the 15th year anniversary of Erasmus Programmes in Poland. In order to mark such an important day, the board members of ESN UEK, with the help of many current and former members of the section, decided to organize a magnificent gala, which honestly did not differ too much from an Oscar Ceremony 🙂



 As expected from such a great event, brilliant memories, speeches and acknowledgements were made, everyone had a chance to enjoy some champagne, a very delicious cake and of course,  have unforgettable  fun till dawn. Hundreds of photos were done by our paparazzi, and probably there is no one who could get away before having a picture taken on the professional „Wall of Fame”!


The official part mainly included giving our gratitude to all the members of ESN UEK, who throughout these 10 years worked in the section, their memories, motivational speeches and special wishes for the future. Acknowledgements, along with bouquets of flowers, were directed to the ladies of the International Programmes Office, which are always there to provide help and support. Also, thanks were given to all the former presidents of the sections and honorary members, without who our organization would not be able to become what it is today.


We were able to watch some greetings from abroad, as few members and supporters of ESN UEK, who unfortunately could not attend the Gala, sent short films from around the world along with congratulations and best wishes.

The official part was highlighted by the great performance of Jagoda Kret, the finalist of The Voice of Poland! And then, after the show, it was time for the less official part, which was just having the best fun ever!


The Gala of ESN UEK was an excellent opportunity to renew old connections as well as make some new ones,  during the whole event it was impossible to observe any kind of division between former and new members, we all had fun together and shared many great memories and experiences.

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However, it should be noted, that the celebration of the 10th anniversary of ESN UEK is not just about the Saturday Gala, but it also includes the Friday’s conference, which took place under the Honorary Patronage of His Magnificence Rector Prof. UEK.  Assoc. Eng. Andrew Chochoła. During the conference, there was a chance to gain information about various trips made by polish students and also to listen to the experiences made by foreign students at our university. Furthermore, during the conference, the results of a survey done by exchange students, who had taken part in the Erasmus Programme, were shown. This in turn allowed everyone to see the main problems which are most often encountered during this project.  A special guest of this event was Mr. Marek Sokolowski, The Chairman of the Board of the Association of ESN Poland, who during his presentation talked about the activities of the Association as well as the ongoing national and international projects.

Through the celebration of the 10th anniversary of  ESN UEK, all of us had a chance to see that in spite of how many different people are in the section, we still share the same goals and derive joy from what we do.

Marcelina PiotrowskaESN UEK

Translation: Kinga Rynkiewicz – ESN UEK

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