Vitajte na Slovensku!


Matej Bel University, Faculty of Economics in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

Dear future Erasmus student, you know probably very little about my country, not even something about the city where my home University is situated. So, lets firstly introduce you a bit my homeland!


  • So firstly, we are not Slovenia.
  • It lives less people in Slovakia than in London. Just 5,5 million. Really, but it´s cool!
  • Our capital is Bratislava, you probably know it from The Eurotrip movie. However, I have to tell you that it doesn´t look like in the movie here. We already have a bus station for couple of years and you cannot live like a queen for 1 dollar.
  • We have Euro and we speak Slovak!
  • We have mountains. A lot of mountains. Actually 9 wonderful National parks,  where you can go hiking, camping, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, walking and climbing. That´s all I think. Everything else is forbidden.
  • Our national sport is not foootball! Yes, its unbelievable, but its not. Its ICE HOCKEY! Everybody loves it and watches it. So, if you are coming during May and June, when the World Ice hockey championship is, you have already a programme.
  • We drink a lot of beer. Specially czech and slovak, simply because it´s the best beer in the world. So, if you don´t like beer, don´t come here! Well, okey you can come, we have also a lot of tasty mineral waters.
  • If you are not used to drink a hard alcohol, please do practise it before coming! We have borovicka, marhulovica, ceresnovica, hruskovica, vodka, fernet, liker, demanovka, rum and a lot of more. How it tastes you will find out soon. (Hope you will remember that the day after)
  • Halusky, korbacik, placky, kapustnica, jaternice. It´s our slovak cousine. You will love it! Or maybe not, especially if you are from Italy or Spain. Anyway, we have (a lot of) restaurants with good pasta and paella.
  • It´s cheap here. Seriously, you can buy bread for 1€, go to cinema for 5€, have a big lunch for 3,30€, shot for 0,50€, buy city bus ticket for 0,35€, coffee for 1,10€, live in dormitory for 50€/month and so on and so on….Welcome to Eastern Europe J
  • Parties. I know its the most important. Yes yes, we have an amazing crazy parties. Really! We know how to have a fun. If you are not fan of Avicii or Britney Spears don´t worry, we have lot of pubs with live alternative concerts, music outdoor festivals or classic music concerts. You can choose whatever you like!
  • Oh and the last thing, we have a lot of pretty girls in Slovakia! It´s used to be said, that girls from Eastern Europe are really pretty (I googled it). If you dont believe, you have to just come in and see.

…So now, as you have a nice picture how our country looks like, let me tell you a little something about the city where my home University is!

Its called Banska Bystrica. (I know you have never heard about it before) The city lies in the heart of whole Europe. Really, just few kms out of the city its exact geographical middle of Europe! I think it´s cool!

I love this city. Its small, historical, surrounded by mountains and river and great people live there.

However, If you are looking for hundreds of clubs, restaurants, thousands of erasmus people, multi-cultural life and big universities, I have to dissapointed you dear future Erasmus student, it´s not place for you! Banska Bystrica offers you exactly opposite 🙂

Few but very cool clubs, where every student in Banska Bystrica goes, cosy restaurants on the main square which you will love, beautiful coffee places where you can talk long hours with your friends and small University with such a lovely friendly atmosphere. All the erasmus students from all around world live in one dormitory, so you feel there like one big family! And of course, we have ESN! They will take care of you 🙂


What can you study? Matej Bel University, Faculty of Economics offers you courses in Business Economics and Management, Tourism, Marketing Management of Business and Finance in English and French (or in our lovely Slovak language if you are that brave).

I think its pretty enough, you are probably getting tired after such a long reading 🙂 Just come to Banska Bystrica! I promise you, it will be awesome!


Tešíme sa na teba!

Zuzana Ondrejmiskova

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