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My name is Jean, I was in Krakow during the last semester. I really enjoyed it and Rynek Kleparski crew.

I’d like to share with you some information about the city and the school I’m studying.

                Rennes is a city in the east of Brittany in northwestern France. Rennes is the capital of the region of Brittany, as well as the Ille-et-Vilaine department. The urban population is around 670 000 inhabitants.

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                Rennes is a charming city with many places to visit like “Republique” ; “L’opera” and the most famous is the square “Sainte Anne” with the street Saint Michel very popular with a lot of students drinking every nights. Rennes is also a place to chill out with parks like Thabor Park, Oberthur Park or Gayeulles Park.

Rennes 2

                If you’re passionate of sports, Rennes is the city for you. Concerning soccer, the team is in first division and the stadium is really modern. About handball and volley ball, they’re also playing in first division.

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If you to travel in the region, I recommend you cities like Saint Malo, Perros Guirrec, Dinan, Dinard, Crozon. And something you don’t have to miss is the Mont Saint Michel in Normandy.

Rennnes 5

                Now, about my school, I’m studying at the ESC Rennes School of Business, ranked 36 in the famous Financial Times ranking best business schools in the world according the quality of formation. The school has 3 distinct campus close to each other.

Rennes 6

                Directly reflecting the mission of ESC Rennes School of Business, the Grande Ecole Programme conveys the school’s vision of how management studies should be structured. Evolving in a constantly changing world with no boundaries, a company derives the stability required for growth from those responsible for its daily management.

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                The ESC Rennes School of business proposes a lot of courses like Intercultural Communication, Business Statistics, Financial Accounting, Geopolitics Relational Management, French Culture, and Electronic Business Management for examples. (

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Greetings from Chile!


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