„100 people. 3 days. 218 kilometers…” = Integration Camp 2013!

100 people. 3 days. 218 kilometers. A non-stop party. The ESN Integration Camp in Murzasichle 2013 was legendary indeed. Here’s the full story (I do not take responsibility for the black holes in my memory):


At approximately 14.00 two energy boosted and party pumped buses of lovable exchange students and mentors began their journey from Kraków to the mountains of southern Poland. The weather was great, the atmosphere was even better. It wasn’t long before the first ‘na zdrowie’s echoed throughout the vehicles. As time and kilometers passed the landscape changed. We got to see both traditional Polish houses and the outlines of the breath taking mountains Zakopane.


As soon as we arrived we filled our empty stomachs with traditional Polish food. This was followed by a pilgrimage to the local “Sklep” which we practically emptied. Later on the integration games started, we had dinner altogether and then it was time for the night’s theme party; TOGA! In the beginning people were glistening with a sparkle worthy the inhabitants of Ancient Rome. Later on… well, Toga’s dropped and our inner spirits were released. Let’s say there’s a reason why we’re not posting any pictures from this evening. But I can assure you though, it was a memorable evening/night/morning. I think.

Some serious Toga business. Some serious Toga business.


The morning was glorious for some and quite less glorious for others. It wasn’t long until the ESN Crew kicked us out of bed and served us a platter of activities. Some chose to do city games and some chose to play football or basketball. The city games included a dead cat, a man with a horse and integration with the locals. About the football… If you ever decide to create a football field, PLEASE don’t choose a hill as location. Unless you want to have some serious hill running every other minute, that is.

As the sun rose above our still pretty hazy minds we were all ready for lunch, rest and more integration games. During one hour the theme was “international night” and we learned how to curse in Slovenian, how to sing in German, Spanish and how to do the Can-Can. Several drinking games were presented and welcomed with joy. I think the mood peaked when someone (no names mentioned) gave her bra away. Winner of the Finnish competition was our always smiling president Karol, but the competition was tough. To keep the party from escalating we all went back to our rooms. I think this is the part where people had some rest. It could also have been a time for mingling or preparations. Either way, shortly after this we ate grilled sausages and soup in a cozy cottage. D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

The night was still young when ESN wanted to share a surprise with us. Khom Loys! We gathered around and lit them one after another. I can tell you it was astonishing as they filled the air one by one. However I don’t have any pictures from this event. Go on, Google it. It all looks the same.

Time was ticking and finally it was time for the Cartoon Party. Unfortunately one guy brought a camera this evening, which leaves us with a lot of (hilarious and memorable) photos. I present to you only a brief selection of them. The rest are to find for the lucky few on Facebook.

5 1 3 2

And by the way. The man with the crocodile cap is the offender who brought his camera. Many thanks to you Francois Delporte!

I think all the participants can agree on this night being fogbound. However we all enjoyed it. Some of us were duly presented to the infamous Polish drinking game Zumi Zumi. I was one of them who waved my white flag quite early… From what I hear this Saturday night in the future will be the very core of what “legendary” spells.

To get a sample of what we experienced you can subscribe and listen to DJ Mariusz Spotify Playlist. We call him the Polish Avicii.  – – – > IC 09.2013


For the most of us this day was just a painful transportation from one bed to another. Although totally worth it of course! I have only heard superlatives about these days. And it was a superlative weekend indeed. Thank you ESN, thank you participants. And THANK YOU everybody who organized the Integration Camp. Let’s keep this party going the whole semester! Bira bira bira!

/ Yours truly Swede, Linnéa

Bonus picture: Me and Benji having our survival shots of vodka on Sunday morning (with cheers and support from Matteo.).

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