Now I’m a part of this network!

I think everyone has in her/his life the best memories from the past. And of course I’d like to share with you one of mine – KRAKOW )))

About this program I heard from my sister. What I thought first was: „What? I don’t wanna go there! I don’t wanna leave my friends, my university, finally my family and my country”. But now I can say for sure it was the best part (BIG PART) of my life ))

I’ve never thought that I meet so many people from different countreis, will know their history, culture and traditions and finally have good friends after.
Best parties – WELCOME TO KRAKOW, best international students – WELCOME TO KRAKOW, best ESN members – again KRAKOW  As you understood all best things that happen are in KRAKOW  I’m really glad I was there, I met really good guys from all over the World! Thank you Damir – best neighbour in dormitory, Alexandre – my king of the dancefloor, Thibaud – your Russian is amazing, Gabriela – my red cat, I love you, i hope you will have a great time in Spain, like me in Poland, Zuzanna – thank you for International Day, after that I understood I should improve my Polish and I did!

And all guys! I’m grateful to you that now I am the part of this awesome network and family ))) I miss you and hope that this moment will happen in my life once again )))


Tatyana, Ukraine

International Day 2012

International Day 2012

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