EILC Crew Autumn 2013. Erasmus in Cracow

It all began on a Sunday evening. 32 people had finally received the exciting clearance: they were accepted to the Erasmus Intensive Language Course at the University of Economics in Cracow. And this Sunday evening they all met for the first time. Things were thrilling. Things were uncertain. Things were about to get real.


I could tell you about how every day began at 9.30 with Polish classes, workshops and active learning about Poland and its population and history. About the lunch bar close to school where we tried to practice our language skills and at the same time experience the Polish cuisine as a delicate bonus (also, this was a Wi-Fi haven for everyone with smartphones). How the joyful and utterly skilled teachers encouraged and empowered us every single day of school.


I could tell you about the trip to the breathtaking Wieliczka Salt Mine where we ended up walking in passages located 135 meters below the surface. Or about the trip to the tranquil and heartbreaking Auschwitz camp.


And besides the organized trips our ESN mentors always had some plans for us, including pub crawling, clubbing in the city center and a spontaneous trip to an artificial hill with an astonishing view of the sunset.


Of course all of the above mentioned things have been both amusing as well as they have resulted in lifelong memories. What I want to emphasize is that besides from all those said things, the EILC and Erasmus exchange is mainly about people. To meet new people, to develop as a human and to create relationships which cross borders. That is the very core of these opportunities and also what I think what we in the end should treasure the most.


Everywhere we have been, we have always been surrounded by helpful, kind and encouraging people. That includes the administrators at the International Office, the teachers and the ESN board and mentors. You have given us every tool possible to be able to fully enjoy the amazing town that Cracow truly is. Without you we would’ve walked a shaded road. I am 110% sure that every single EILC member can confirm that our four weeks of language course here have been legendary. We couldn’t wish for more. Except for an extension of the course, that is!

I’m not entirely sure how to put a worthy end to this EILC course. But when you think about, there’s really only one way possible. A party in Cracow, everyone included. Until the last man or woman falls! On the behalf of everyone in the EILC Crew Autumn 2013 I want to say thank you, dziękuję, and keep up the good (awesome) work!

Linnéa Samuelsson

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