Juwenalia – continued!



On May 14th 2013 at 1 o’clock p.m. (maybe with a little delay) we started dance tournament which had placed in Hala UEK. We couldn’t do without representing our participants and jury. We started calmly with stirring Waltz. After a while we had been taken into the beat. We realized that senior staff feel the cha-cha.


We were pleased with the dedicated audience. First of all, we settled the question with facebook competition. Then we had our dance contortion on a dancefloor.  There was a lot of fun!


In this year competition took part following : from economics department – Michał Siedlecki and Ms Aneta Mendrek also Renata Borek with dr Urbanem Pauli; management department was represented by – Asia Jasielec accompanied by dr Pawłem Chlipała also Piotr Zieliński with his dance partner Eweliną Sosin; from finance department we could have seen Asia Morek with Mr Tomasz Jedynak. Last but not least, commodity science department was represented by Paulina Bies and Mr Bartłomiej Kabaja.



Regardless a lot of competition winners began Michal Siedlecki with Ms Aneta Mendrek – congratulations! all comers were given memorabilia and sweets.




But fun was the most important thing. And we had plenty of it .

For those who haven’t been there – you should regret!

We are looking forward to next edit of Taniec z Profesorami – see you next year.

Kasia Bryła



During the Juwenalia 2013, our students could take part in one of the most dancing project in whole Cracow – DANCE WAVE. All of us could become the dancing stars like Shakira or Beyonce for one day. How is it possible? We had this opportunity, because there were organized special dancing trainings. It doesn’t matter on which university we study, because for one day UEK became the stage for all fans of dancing.

The organizers provided the HUGE choice of different styles. In one minute students could take part in fast lesson of ZUMBA and after all it was possible to find out something about BRODAWAY JAZZ. In this year, we could practise for example Salsa, Bollywood dance or the most popular REGGEATON.


The special attraction of this edition was an invitation for the professional training of POLE DANCE in one of the dancing school in Cracow. Moreover, everybody could feel the dancing spirit thanks to the show of the dancing group during the main concert.

Professional instructors, great organizers and high quality of trainings made this edition of DANCE WAVE unforgettable. We are waiting impatiently for the same project in next year.  After all we are the most dancing university in whole city!!!.

Alicja Domańska

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