¡Como México… No hay dos!

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Ok, let’s talk about Mexico… Have you heard something about Mexico? What? The spicy food, tequila and mariachi music. Come on! Mexico has more than those things to offer you! Just relax yourself and keep reading.

Mexico is a country with a rich historical past and a promising future. Everywhere from the capital of Mexico City to the Riviera Maya, you will discover a country awash with culture and tradition.


Mexico is located in North America and it’s bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico; that’s why we have a lot of warm, beautiful, and unforgettable beaches from the north to the south. Let me show you!





 What do you know about the Mexican food? Spicy? Tortillas? Tacos? Of course! In Mexico you can try all the food you want, and not only one traditional dish because in each place you visited you will find different dishes. Just imagine that the Mexican cuisine was added in 2010 by UNESCO to its list of the world’s intangible cultural heritage. Are you hungry? Wait to see the photos!


What is the first thing you think when listen “Mexican people”? Mustache? Big hats? People with weapons? Ok, I have to tell you, we don’t use hats anymore, it is just a stereotype and all the most important and touristic places are really safe so if you go to Mexico you will not have problems for sure.

You have to know that Mexican people is really friendly, optimistic and with an excellent sense of humor, once you visit Mexico you will not only have good memories, you will have also new friends.

Mexico is a multicultural and colorful place. If you have the opportunity to study there or just visit it, don’t doubt in any moment. I’m completely sure that Mexico will be in your top destinations and then you can say the next classical phrase “Like Mexico, there aren’t two places”.


About Academic Life

Ok, my home university is a private university and is the second most prestigious university in Mexico, Tecnologico de Monterrey or also called just “Tec” is a system and has 31 campus around Mexico. I`m studying in San Luis Potosi campus, a city located in the center of Mexico around 5 hours by car from Mexico City.


San Luis Potosi receive every semester a lot of international students from Europe, South America and Asia, I think Mexico is a best option to study abroad if you are looking for a cheap place and also if you want to live the best experience of your life.

1 Euro = 16 Mexican Pesos



Study in Mexico

Here are five reasons why you should consider studying abroad in Mexico.

1. Climate: The weather is generally pleasant year-round. A nice respite for those hailing from climates with more seasonal variation.

2. The Riviera Maya: Littered with cenotes and ancient ruins and lined with picturesque white sand beaches, the Riviera Maya is a popular destination for students taking a break from their studies.

3. Food: Food in Mexico is adventurous and varied.

4. Music: Music is a major part of Mexican culture, and many of Mexico’s songs transcend popular cultures in other countries.

5. Spanish Language: Mexico provides an accessible and culturally-rich backdrop for learning Spanish, whether you are just starting out or polishing your previously acquired language skills.


Los Cabos

Los Cabos

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