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Hey guys) my name is Tatyana and I`m from Kiev, Ukraine. So today I will tell a little bit about our capital Kiev))

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and is located on both banks of the Dnieper. This is a wonderfully beautiful city with centuries-old history, attracting tourists from all over the world. As u know we had Euro-2012 and of course after that our country started to be more popular as it was before. So lets start from some interesting and useful information about the city.


If u want to see a lot of beautiful parks, cathedrals, nature and of course crazy people – you must visit Kiev))

So lets start out tour))

The first and the most interesting and important place u should visit of course is the main street  of Kiev (heart of Kiev) – Khreschatyk street))


From its start at European Square to its terminus at Bessarabs’ka Square, Kyiv’s most beloved street is not even two kilometres long. Despite what has been called the most impressive unbroken string of Stalinist architecture anywhere, Khreschatyk’s wide chestnut lined sidewalks are ideal for a relaxing stroll. The trees provide both welcome shade from the blistering summer sun and shelter from the region’s signature spring downpours. On weekends and holidays, the street becomes a pedestrian only thoroughfare where locals, travellers and street performers mingle and frolic. It’s hard to imagine that this was once a deep valley surrounded by dense forest. The valley was named Khreschata (crossed) in reference to the many ravines that converged in the area. In ancient times, Kyivan Rus princes hunted wild game here (the only hunting done on Khreschatyk these days is for souvenirs, fashion and fashionable Ukrainian women). Some of the city’s best shopping can be found both above and below ground. Trendy malls have been dug beneath Bessarabs’ka and Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Perhaps in an act of poetic justice the whole street will collapse under this retail strain and revert back to a lush valley.


As I sad before Kiev is popular because of cathedrals. I can write a long-long list with the names but I will show u the most beautiful and on my opinion the most interesting where u can stay with your dreams and think about something good and really important for u… so number one will be Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and St. Sophia of Kyiv historical-cultural sights of world value.

 Today, Lavra is exceptionally valuable architectural ensemble which was forming for over nine centuries as the centre of orthodoxy. The complex includes over 200 sights of archaeology, architecture, history and monumental art. Numerous museums are located on the territory of Lavra. The most of displays are dedicated to different Ukrainian artistic styles, genres and works of applied art, which are rooted in antiquity.



St. Sophia of Kyiv (Софія Київська) is no less unique – it is the world-known monument of history, architecture, monumental painting and sacral art of the first half of ХІ of century, built by prince Yaroslav Mudryi (Wise) in the period of bloom of Kyivan Rus. The name of cathedral, which is bound to religious interpretation of the Greek word „Sophia”– „wisdom” is understood as Divine Wisdom.


Sophia was built as the main metropolitan temple of Rus; the cathedral was the social-and-political and cultural centre of the Kyiv state. The solemn ceremonies of inauguration of princes, meetings of foreign ambassadors were held here, the important agreements about the peace between princes were signed, the Kyiv council also gathered near the temple. The chronicles were being written here. Yaroslav Mudryi (Wise) opened the first library in Rus and it operated in the temple.
Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and St. Sophia of Kyiv are two of six sights in Ukraine, included to the UNESCO List of world inheritance.

St. Andrew’s Church

Famous Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli was the mastermind behind this attractive Baroque church that greets the throngs at the top of Andriivs’kyi uzviz. Built in 1754, it’s one of the rare buildings in Kyiv that has managed to avoid serious damage or reconstruction. The elegant silhouette of its one large dome and five lesser cupolas are easily visible from Podil and beyond. Apostle Andrew, who was the first Christian to preach the gospel in Kyivan Rus, was said to have erected a cross on this very site. It was the wish of Peter the Great’s religiously-minded daughter, Elizabeth, after her visit to Kyiv in 1744 that this church be built. It must be said that compared to the beautiful exterior, the interior is rather disappointing – too much loud red and gold colours and really not much to see. Console yourself with a stroll around the church’s perimeter, a walk which the famous Ukrainian writer Gogol also enjoyed.



After all these beautiful places lets go to see some nature and to relax a little bit)))

Here u are – the most popular place for young people and for people who likes to spend some time with music, dancing and sport)))

Mariinsky park

Mariinsky Park is considered to be one of the most favourite places of Kyiv residents and visitors. You cn feel its charm in the quiet morning, during busy day and peaceful night, lit by the warm light of candy park lights. It is in this multi-faceted place, which is the Mariinsky park, you can understand part of Kiev soul – a mysterious and alluring one.

            Mariinsky park is located on the upper of the Dniper fromn Vladimir descent to the underground station “Arsenalna”. What can u see there???

  1. Kiev State Theatre of puppets – the oldest in Ukraine, was founded in 1927. People who still a child)) or just like puppets – WELCOME)))Digital Image
  2. Water Museum – one of the newest and most popular museums in Kiev, which is housed in the first city water tower. The museum`s exhibition, created in amusing fashion, tells everything about water, showing circulation of water. The conditions for travelling along the continents, during which you can see how the glaciers are melting, rain, waterfall, erupting geysers are created.10
  3. Mariinsky park is located next to the Parliament and is the ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine. This Palace has undergone fires and reconstructions, was designed in baroque style by Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the place now used for summits and official receptions.11
  4. For people who like football))) Dynamo stadium (Dynamo stadium named after V.V. Lobanovskiy) – club home stadium of FC Dynamo Kiev.12
  5. And the last one here is Bridge for lovers people)))13

The park stage with the nickname “seashell” gathers fans of classical and lovers of fierysalsa. The park is especially loved by the beloved – the is bridge here dedicated to the most bright feeling in the world. Here you can see written declarations of love, tied ribbons and hung lock-good sign of bonding hearts forever.

   In the end of my story I want to present u (the most interesting place for me cause I like children and this place is really emotional) – The landscape alley)) Without any words… people who like children will understand me and this place…


 I can`t show and tell u all Kiev that why it`s easier to say – WELCOME to KIEV)) come here and u will see and have a lot of fun)))
See you soon =*


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I think Ukraine is full of history with many historic old buildings

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