OW: day 4 and the INTEGRATION CAMP!

4th day of OW

Just because Erasmus life isn’t all about partying and drinking alcohol, we decided to go ice-skating.  Some of us were quite scared as it was the first time for some of us but we managed not to break any legs nor hands, of course some of us were very close…

2013-02-21 15.29.27
After the event we went home to rest a little and to get ready for the Eurodinner Party, that took place in Bracka 4 Club. Eurodinner is an event organised by  ESN and is all about preparing and sharing the traditional and national most common dishes.  I have to admit that I was nicely surprised by Erasmus students that were very well prepared! All of the dishes presented by foreigners were delicious, but I must say that Bulgarian table won with their potato pie and amazingly good bread J the Americans made everyone happy with their  table. Our polish team didn’t stay behind the competition and prepared various well known courses.  Big thanks to EVERYBODY that took their time to cook traditional dishes. 





With full tummies and smiles on our faces we were ready to rock the dance floor! 

Integration Camp!

On the next day after some sleep we packed our bags and went for the Integration Camp in Jabłonka, near the Polish mountains. We gathered around 3 pm and arrived to the destination point after 2 hours. First hours were filled with beer and other ‘energisers’. After everyone was in the mood for integration games, Jacob provided them for us. It took him 2 hours to integrate everybody after the games we all went to change our clothes into ‘beach party ones’ and went to dance and integrate some more.

INTEGRtion camp 410

Mr „bara bara” himself and his crew 😉

INTEGRtion camp 097

We started the following day with a HUGE AMOUNT OF ENERGY ( yeah, right…). After the breakfast we had a little competition in making a snowman. The teams did really good job, minding the fact that there were under pressure of ESN members throwing snow balls at them afterwards it became a big, cold freezing battle. Some of us, are still buried in the snow. We lost a few… (kidding, we lost a few at night…  :). The day finished with the Super Hero party. I was also surprised because not all of us had their costumes prepared earlier but it didn’t stop them from getting dressed up as superheroes. Best costumes won a prize and then we destroyed the dance floor one more time. The last day was quite lazy, as we were very tired (you can guess why), so we went back to Cracow.

INTEGRtion camp 645

Launching sky lanterns

INTEGRtion camp 750

Definitely the song of the trip is the song by Michel Telo – Bara bara bere bere

Big thanks to all that made these last days so unforgettable  <3


JJ <3

JORDANAir Jordan 1

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