Kwansei Gakuin University w Nishinomiyi, Japonia

Myślałam o wymianie do Japonii już w liceum, gdy zaczęłam poznawać ją od strony popkultury, oglądając anime, czytając mangi i słuchając japońskich piosenek. Chociaż fascynacja z czasem mi minęła, to nadal pozostał sentyment, gdy myślałam o życiu w Japonii. Czułam jakbym już trochę znała to miejsce, chociaż miałam świadomość, że wcale dużo o nim nie wiem. Szczególnie,  jeśli chodzi o kwestię różnic kulturowych, które są ogromne między Polską a Japonią. Wybrałam ten kraj, by na własnej skórze poczuć tę przepaść i spróbować dowiedzieć się czegoś, nie tylko o kulturze kraju kwitnącej wiśni, ale również o swojej własnej.

Mam nadzieję, że ten artykuł choć trochę przybliży najbardziej praktyczne rzeczy, które chciałabym, by ktoś mi przekazał przed wymianą, a nie są tak oczywiste, że można je łatwo znaleźć przy pomocy wujka Google. 🙂


Główny budynek kampusu KGU w Nishinomiyi,
źródło: zbiór własny autora

Kwansei Gakuin, często zdrabniany Kangaku lub KGU, założony został przez protestantów, co jest dość interesujące, jako że chrześcijanie są niewielką mniejszością religijną w Japonii. Można przez to zaobserwować jak różne religie koegzystują ze sobą i nieraz to co jest w polskim rozumieniu chrześcijaństwa niedopuszczalne, tutaj jest na porządku dziennym (na przykład uczestnictwo w obrzędach politeistycznej religii Japonii shintoizmu czy buddyzmu). Czytaj dalej

An Introduction to Taiwan & NCCU

Wanna try the real Asian life? As a student who has already spent some years in the university, I can promise you my home university “National Cheng-Chi University” (NCCU) is going to be your best choice in Taiwan. Before that, please watch this video, “10 Sketches of Life.” It is made by a student in NCCU, and it really reflects what I think of NCCU.

VIDEO: “10 Sketches of Life.” :

First of all, here are some basic information about Taiwan.


            Taiwan is an island which is located off the southeastern coast of China and at the western edge of the Pacific Ocean between Japan and Philippines. It is as big as Belgian and with a population of 23 million people.

A map and flag of Taiwan

A map and flag of Taiwan

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Erasmus+ 2015/16 – ostatni dzwonek czyli jak wyjechać na wymianę krok po kroku


Każdego roku ponad 200 studentów Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie bierze udział w programach międzynarodowych wymian studenckich typu Erasmus. Liczba ta z pewnością byłaby większa, gdyby wszyscy zainteresowani wiedzieli, jak pomyślnie przebrnąć przez proces rekrutacyjny. W dzisiejszym artykule chcę krok po kroku wytłumaczyć Wam co, gdzie, kiedy i jak.

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It’s just about people…

<3 Krakow <3 city of unforgettable moments and indescribable feelings…Meeting a lot of people in this amazing city can’t make any person indifferent. My story has begun one year ago…
September, it’s warm, meeting people from different cultures, discovering beauties of the city and university, enjoying lectures (unbelievable but true , a lot of great trips…remembering this my heart is smiling

Time passed quickly, December knocked on the doors bringing snow and giving special charm to Krakow…crazy nights and parties (which I will not talk about because what happened in Krakow, stays in Krakow and…it’s already January, a special part of the year! Studying for exams, having flu, and still happy, I’m wonderying why…probably because of the pills I’ve been taking during few weeks

I couldn’t resist to this city, so I decided to continue my pretty good life in Krakow also during the summer semester.
I went through the four seasons in Krakow, and I can tell without any doubt, each of them has it’s own attractiveness. Czytaj dalej

Kraków blew out my mind!

My craziest and strangest life experience – one year in Krakow. When I thought I had experienced everything what is possible to experience – Krakow blew out my mind.

Although, I expected a lot from the city; the main motive to come to Krakow was to discover new culture, new people, new way of studying and living, and if possible to take something out of it for myself. I got much more; I discovered the new world which consists of very different aspects, which are rarely seen in one place; Krakow is the city of fun; there are parties every day in the week and every hour in the day somebody is having a party. But in the same time, it is the city of culture with 28 branches of museums, 9 cultural centers, 7 theaters and more than 110 exhibitions per year ; Krakow is home to every kind of art from every corner of the world; from Egyptian Mummies to Leonardo and Rembrandt. Krakow is also the city of knowledge and education with 22 universities and 180 thousands of students; University of Economics teaches 23 000 people to become experts in different fields of economy and business. The most amazing thing about Krakow is its spirit and it’s people; the mixture of old and new, rustically and modern, inhabitants and foreigners; it is the city where one can easily come, but hardly leave.

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Now I’m a part of this network!

I think everyone has in her/his life the best memories from the past. And of course I’d like to share with you one of mine – KRAKOW )))

About this program I heard from my sister. What I thought first was: „What? I don’t wanna go there! I don’t wanna leave my friends, my university, finally my family and my country”. But now I can say for sure it was the best part (BIG PART) of my life ))

I’ve never thought that I meet so many people from different countreis, will know their history, culture and traditions and finally have good friends after.
Best parties – WELCOME TO KRAKOW, best international students – WELCOME TO KRAKOW, best ESN members – again KRAKOW  As you understood all best things that happen are in KRAKOW  I’m really glad I was there, I met really good guys from all over the World! Thank you Damir – best neighbour in dormitory, Alexandre – my king of the dancefloor, Thibaud – your Russian is amazing, Gabriela – my red cat, I love you, i hope you will have a great time in Spain, like me in Poland, Zuzanna – thank you for International Day, after that I understood I should improve my Polish and I did!

And all guys! I’m grateful to you that now I am the part of this awesome network and family ))) I miss you and hope that this moment will happen in my life once again )))


Tatyana, Ukraine

International Day 2012

International Day 2012

Goodbye Poland – Welcome to Hawaii!


Farewell Party 2013

This is true as old as the world, well known to everyone that good things come to an end … so Erasmus students’ stay, who were with us during the year it’s going to end. However, we couldn’t be sad-you need to have fun! Therefore, June 14 (Friday) we invited all tired of the session, need a solid load of positive energy in the only such event-Farewell Party 2013! It will be easier to tell you what didn’t happen there! However, if you couldn’t come on Friday or if you don’t remember-a brief report of the event.

farewell 873 Czytaj dalej


[zobacz tłumaczenie]

Hey guys) my name is Tatyana and I`m from Kiev, Ukraine. So today I will tell a little bit about our capital Kiev))

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and is located on both banks of the Dnieper. This is a wonderfully beautiful city with centuries-old history, attracting tourists from all over the world. As u know we had Euro-2012 and of course after that our country started to be more popular as it was before. So lets start from some interesting and useful information about the city.


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A for… Athens!!

[zobacz tłumaczenie]

Athens, the capital of sunny Greece. Noisy and chaotic on the outside, full of ancient wonders and monuments on the inside. A combination of mythology and history, the birthplace of democracy. Spring and autumn are the best periods to visit, when the weather is not so hot. If you can stand the heat, it’s much easier to move around in summer, while most people rest on some island or at other summer resort for the holiday time.



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OW: day 4 and the INTEGRATION CAMP!

4th day of OW

Just because Erasmus life isn’t all about partying and drinking alcohol, we decided to go ice-skating.  Some of us were quite scared as it was the first time for some of us but we managed not to break any legs nor hands, of course some of us were very close…

2013-02-21 15.29.27
After the event we went home to rest a little and to get ready for the Eurodinner Party, that took place in Bracka 4 Club. Eurodinner is an event organised by  ESN and is all about preparing and sharing the traditional and national most common dishes.  I have to admit that I was nicely surprised by Erasmus students that were very well prepared! All of the dishes presented by foreigners were delicious, but I must say that Bulgarian table won with their potato pie and amazingly good bread J the Americans made everyone happy with their  table. Our polish team didn’t stay behind the competition and prepared various well known courses.  Big thanks to EVERYBODY that took their time to cook traditional dishes. 

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