Stuttgart – In summer it’s HOT, in winter it’s amazing!

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I would like to tell you something about my home city Stuttgart and the study life in Stuttgart. In Stuttgart, the beautiful city in the south western part of Germany, are living around 600000 inhabitants. Stuttgart is the capital of the state Baden-Württemberg. There are around 40000 students living in Stuttgart distributed in several different Universities.

Schlossplatz of Stuttgart in the city center

Schlossplatz of Stuttgart in the city center

The University of Stuttgart is divided out into two parts. The economy part and the sociological part is located in the city center. The part of mechanical engineering and science is located in Vaihingen which is 10 minutes by train from the city center. There are nine departments that provide economic lectures so the spectrum of lectures that can be chosen is immense. But most of the lectures are in German language. Stuttgart is not known as a place to study economics. Rather everything is connected to engineering and science. This is because the whole region is worldwide known for its technology innovative companies and its many world market leaders with technology products. Therefore in Stuttgart you can study for example Technology orientated Economics, Economy and Mathematics, Economy and Information Technology, etc… For exchange students this is no problem because you can choose between individual economic lectures.

Main buildings of campus Stadtmitte

Main buildings of campus Stadtmitte

Costs of living

Stuttgart is not the cheapest city in Germany to live in. Usually Erasmus students are accommodated in a student hall of residence. The price depends on the residence and is from 200-300€. In those halls of residence are many international students as well as German students. They are distributed in the whole city but usually next to the campus. You will get to know to many other students quickly and usually there are parties regularly. Rooms in private rented shared flats are available from around 300-450€ per month. Going out in Stuttgart is more expensive than in Kraków. In clubs and bars a beer is around 3- 3.50€ and a long drink 6-8€. The liquor in shops is cheap (pre-partys).


Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Cannstatter Volksfest

Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Cannstatter Volksfest

Stuttgart provides many cultural highlights to be visited during the stay. There are lots of museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, etc. A must see are the museums of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, the two car manufacturers that have their headquarter in Stuttgart and the House of History. The Wilhelma, an all year long opened beautiful botanical garden and huge zoo. There is the Volksfest in autumn and Frühlingsfest in the end of the spring on the Cannstatter Wasen. The Volksfest is the second largest Oktoberfest right behind the Oktoberfest in Munich (Believe me the Volksfest is more beautiful and not so crowded than the Oktoberfest). Stuttgart has got many nightlife locations. There are famous student bars and clubs next to the Hans im Glück Brunnen. In summer you can relax on Sky Beach with sand and Mojito on top of the city center and have a 360° view on the city.

Important! You have to try the Swabian kitchen. You will love the Maultaschen, Spätzle, Rostbraten and Brezeln (Prezels). You will love it so much that you’ll never go back again.


Stuttgart also is a good location to travel around. Famous citys like Munich or Frankfurt can be reached in two hours by train. Others can be reached easily and cheap with busses or by sharing a car ( For those who like skiing Stuttgart is a perfect starting point to travel to the mountains. In 2.5h by car you can reach the Alps for a skiing trip. Or you take the skiing train to Obersdorf for a 1-2 days trip and also have a great party in it.
I hope you are interested in selecting Stuttgart as the city for your Erasmus/exchange semester. I am happy to welcome you in one of the most beautiful city of Germany. Feel free to ask me if more information is needed.


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